Through our businesses, as well as our investment businesses, we implement structural transformation aimed at the realization of a sustainable society, and we contribute towards the creation of new value and the building of new social infrastructure.

We also aim to evolve our solutions further by introducing our integrated strengths to our group finance & lease company. In the automotive field, with our wide-ranging perspective on the value chains in the automotive and motorbike industries, we are using our global manufacturing, sales and logistics businesses, together with our financial services business, as the base for realizing innovation in the area of next-generation mobility services. In the field of construction and mining equipment, we contribute to the development of various types of infrastructure, and to mining innovation, by providing high-quality customer service (including first-class product support) through our distributors, and by developing our equipment rental business worldwide.
Through effective use of advanced technology, we are also working to strengthen existing business areas and aiming to expand into new business areas.

Providing the global infrastructure that meets the needs of each country, region, and society, we contribute to the building of a society where people can live in harmony with the global environment and to the development of local communities and industries across the world.

By providing superior products and services in the fields of media, digital business and smart communications platform, we contribute to comfortable and enriching lifestyles and diverse accessibility.